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Alta löydät NY-yritysten julkiset profiilit. NY-yritykset ovat aakkosjärjestyksessä nimen perusteella. Tutustu NY-yrityksiin ja löydä parhaat diilit!


Alta löydät NY-yritysten julkiset profiilit. Käytä alla olevaa hakutyökalua etsimään yrityksiä eri toimialojen ja alueiden mukaan.

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2K’s ProWritings JA


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2K’s ProWritings JA

Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu, Pietarsaari
Yrityksen toimipaikka: Jakobstad

The idea of this business came a year back when I was searching for freedom in my personal life and still seeing work as something I will enjoy doing. … » Read More I cannot give you that unfortunately but I can save you time and money from creating content marketing for you. Writing is something I love doing and I am very passionate about the written word. After research, you would be actually surprised about how many businesses online are not taking advantage of their website and they do not understand the importance of the written word and how powerful it can be. With the right tools, copywriting is a strong marketing persuasion strategy. By editing or completely changing the text in accordance with your goals and making your website more compelling and persuasive you can achieve higher web traffic and more sales.

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