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Insurance as protection

Upon registration, JA Finland takes out a liability insurance that includes liability insurance of company activities and product liability insurance with the Fennia Group for each company registered in the JA Company Program. The liability insurance is valid during the whole time the JA company is active.

These insurances cover personal injuries and property damage caused to outsides by entrepreurial activity of which the company is legally responsible. The company’s own portion of liability is either 600 euros or 1,000 euros.

The actual insurance claim can be made online on the OmaFennia service page by only the appointed representatives of JA Finland who are entitled to use the service.

Liability insurance of company activities

Liability insurance of company activities covers personal injuries and property damage caused by the JA company activity of which the JA company is liable according to the present laws. Liability according to the present laws refers to indemnity caused by damage done to an outsider intentionally or unintentionally. The company’s own portion of the liability is either 600 euros or 1,000 euros. The liability insurance of a JA company activities is valid in Finland.

The insurance also includes liability insurance of an event organizer.

However, there are compensation limitations and the costs covered are always smaller than the legal liability of the person who caused the damage. Damages covered by the insurance are the kind of damages that were caused by the negligence of the insured. Negligence is being used as a synonym for unintentional damaging. The maximum compensation of the liability insurance of company activities is 500,000 euros per damage and per insurance period.

The liability insurance does not cover intentionally caused damages or damages caused by gross negligence. The insurance does not cover damages caused by, for example, incorrect or insufficient research results or measurements, calculations, drawings, statements of work, advice, or instructions given by a JA company practising advisory services or consultancy.

An essential part of the liability insurance is investigating liability. Concerning the damage to be compensated under the liability insurance terms and conditions, we investigate whether the insured is liable for the damage caused.

Additional cover for liability insurance

The liability insurance for company activities has been extended with an additional cover so that it also covers damages caused to the property that the company is working on. This additional cover will compensate for unforeseen damage caused to an outsider’s property whenever the property is or was under work being installed or assembled, serviced, or repaired, or because of activities such as these, in the immediate area or temporarily in possession of the insured. In case of damage, the company’s own portion of liability for property under work is 1,000 euros per damage.

The sum insured of damages to be compensated by the additional cover is 20,000 euros per damage. The sum insured is included in the sum of the liability insurance of company activities (500,000 €).


Compensable damage

A JA company enters a customer’s home to install a computer. There they trip and fall over, bump into a table and cause an expensive decorative vase to fall onto the floor. The liability insurance of company activities compensates for the damaged vase.

A JA company worker was walking a dog in a fenced-in outdoor area. The worker closed the gate carelessly and the dog ran away and collided with a cyclist passing by. The liability insurance of company activities compensated for the medical expenses and for the bicycle repair costs caused to the cyclist.

The staircase leading downstairs in a JA company premises has not been adequately safeguarded. A client stumbles into the staircase and hurts their hand. Based on the liability insurance, the client will be paid compensation for their medical expenses as well as for pain and suffering, possible permanent impairment and damage, and for loss of earnings.

Not compensable

The liability insurance of company activities does not compensate for repair costs caused by faulty work. The task of a JA company was to complete connecting the electric motor of a machine. It was later discovered that some of the connections were incomplete. To fix the error, it was necessary to remove some parts of the machine and redo some of the previously done work. The liability insurance does not cover the expenses because they were caused by redoing faulty work.

For a fair, a JA company had borrowed a laptop computer from another company. The computer fell on the ground and got broken. Because the computer was borrowed and it was used to benefit the JA company, the liability insurance of company activities did not compensate for the damage.

Product liability insurance

The product liability insurance compensates for personal damage as well as for property damage caused by a faulty and inadequate product for which the JA company is liable according to the present laws.

The product liability insurance is available for the handicrafts and textile products, for the edible dishes, and for the small electronic devices, JA companies may sell. The product liability insurance is valid in Finland.

There are limitations to the product liability insurance. It will not compensate for a pure financial loss, i.e. economic damage that is not connected to personal damage and property damage. Product liability insurance will also not compensate for damage caused to the product itself having been put into circulation by the insured.

The company’s own portion of liability within the product liability insurance is 600 euros. The maximum compensation for personal damage and property damage is a total of 500,000 euros per case, but not more than 1,000,000 euros per period of insurance.

What does this insurance not cover?

The insurance does not cover, for instance, the following damages:

  • damages caused to the company itself.
  • damages caused to the delivered products.
  • damages caused by a feature, an imperfection, or such within the product itself.
  • damages caused intentionally or by gross negligence.
  • damages caused by failing to follow product safety regulations.
  • The damage will also not be compensated if the defectiveness of the product or some other justification for liability was, or should have been known by the company. If a product bought from another manufacturer to be sold forward as is, causes damage because of a defect it had all along, the damage is not compensable within the JA company product liability insurance but is to be compensated by the manufacturer of the product. However, if the JA company in any way alters the bought product before selling it forward it is these alterations that cause the damage, the company may end up being a liable manufacturer of the end product, and the damage will be compensated by the product liability insurance.


Compensable damage

There has been an error in the process of dying a clothing manufactured by a JA company causing the red dye to run, and therefore many users demand compensation for ruined furniture stained by the fabric. The JA company that has manufactured the product is insured with a product liability insurance which will compensate for the damages.

A kitchen ladder manufactured by a JA company gave way from underneath a window washer who got hurt as a result. The cause of falling was determined to have been a manufacturing defect in the kitchen ladder. Based on the product liability insurance of the manufacturer of the ladder, the insurance group compensated for the expenses and losses of earnings caused by the injury.

Not compensable

A JA company had sold a faulty product manufactured by them. Exchanging the product caused the client extra expenses. The product liability insurance did not compensate for them because the expenses were caused by exchanging a faulty product.

Voluntary personal accident insurance

Fennia Group insures all students participating in the JA company program with their full-time accident insurance (the JA company is required to have registered on the website). The insurance becomes valid when the student’s personal data is given to the Fennia Group. Each student does this online on their own.

The insurance is valid during the duration of the JA company program or for as long as the JA company is active, however, not exceeding 31.8.2022.

The contents of the insurance

The insurance is valid all over the world during work, school, and free time. It is also valid during sports practised for keeping up one’s own physical condition. The insurance does not cover competitions, games, or practices related to such organized by sports associations or clubs. The insurance is free of self-liability.

  • Compensation for medical expenses per accident, maximum 10,000 €
  • One-time compensation for full permanent damage, maximum 20,000 €
  • One-time compensation for accidental death 2,000 €

Report a participating student for insurance here. (only in Finnish. Ask help from your teacher!)

In case of an accident, the FenniaHoitaja nurse service every day at 7–23 hours

If an accident should occur, call the FenniaHoitaja nurse service number 010 503 5000. The FenniaHoitaja is a nurse who is there to help you in every accident possible. During the phone call, they will give you the first aid instructions, fill in an insurance claim, and, if needed, book an appointment for you. The costs of seeing a doctor will be charged to Fennia Group.

Need for additional insurance

Normally JA companies do not need separate insurances for their activities, but sometimes, when the line of activities they deal with is clearly risky, an additional insurance is needed.

Many schools provide their students with an insurance. The JA company program is a part of the school’s curriculum, so the school insurance may cover also activities within JA companies which need additional insuring. This may vary from school to school, so make sure you know what the practise is in your school.

Work done in school / during school hours

If a JA company manufactures products in the school building, insurance matters must be negotiated with the school staff. School insurance covers mainly all learning activities performed in the school premises, but for that to happen, students must know how to do all work and they must be adequately supervised while working.

Junior Achievement Finland is not responsible for any possible accidents or damage to the students during production, installation, or any other working stage of the manufacturing process. For reasons of practical activities, the school is, first and foremost, responsible for safety issues, such as defining dangerous products and minding work safety.

In case of an accident

If there should be an accident, you will immediately need to contact first Junior Achievement Finland national office, and then Fennia Group to inform them about the incident. The insurance claim can be informal but it has to be in a written form. There are insurance claim forms available in Fennia Group offices and digitally on the web site.

For completing their agreement, the insurance company needs as detailed information as possible of the damage and its causes as well as records, statements, and all other available data that might shed light into the accident happened.

The insurance company must also be notified whether the police has been notified of the event, or if court proceedings will follow. Before repairing the damage or disposing of the damaged property, a Fennia Group insurance investigator needs to be given a chance to examine the damage.

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