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The JA Company Program supports entrepreneurship and developing the students’ ideas. The program includes completing a process that consists of the life cycle of a real company. In the program, the students establish, alone or as part of a group, a JA company that operates using real money. The program consists of an innovation section (Let’s Innovate) and a business section (Let’s Do Business).

The program provides higher education teachers a turnkey solution for entrepreneurship education. The program includes competitions, a national teacher network, and the Twid learning platform, for example. The program has a student (25 €)- or institution-specific registration fee.

The program provides a practical, low-threshold approach that challenges the students in line with their personal goals.

Program and all of its material are available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

The program supports the learning of personal, business operations, and innovation skills.

Personal skills consist of general working life skills, such as communication, negotiation, and teamwork skills. Business operations skills include the skills learned as the operation is kicked off and launched, such as marketing, basic accounting as well as motivating your team and identifying strengths. Innovation skills are developed through a process where the students discover their idea, assess the operational environment, productize their idea and pilot their operation with actual customers.

Their own JA company provides students a motivating learning environment. The students see the development of their idea as an opportunity for future entrepreneurship.

In the Ministry of Education and Culture’s enterprise education policies (2017), the JA Company Program was identified as a tool for implementing entrepreneurship education in higher education institutions in accordance with the new curriculums.

Learning Outcomes of the Program

  • The student recognizes the requirements of entrepreneurship and is able to evaluate their own strengths and areas that require development
  • The student develops their entrepreneurship skills, which include sales, teamwork, problem solution, communication, and public speaking, among others
  • The student builds cooperation networks that can further their business operations
  • The student recognizes and evaluates their operation within the company as part of a team
  • The student is able to plan the business operation of the company
  • The student is able to use tools related to the planning of business operations and to draw up the documents related to establishing a company
  • The student can create a business model and plan to support their idea, as well as develop them during the operation
  • The student understands the basic principles of business and develops the operation of the company

Program Phases

Step 1
Introduction to entrepreneurship, skills, and business idea
Step 2
Launching your company and refining your business idea
Step 3
Monitoring, developing, and reporting your business operations
Step 4
Winding up your company, evaluations, and the future

Program Implementation

Person in charge of education

If you are interested in the program, find a teacher at your school who would like to implement the JA Company Program. We will train the teachers to use the program and the provided learning materials. Thus, specific experience of the subject matter is not required.

The program provides an excellent tool for working with networks in your operational environment or even for marketing your school. Each year, the companies run by students are widely acknowledged in national media.


If you would like to become an instructing teacher for the JA Company Program, discuss the matter with your supervisor. Please contact us and take a look at our free training events. We can help you get started and will support you in implementing the program.


The school decides to implement the program and contacts JA Finland.


JA Finland contacts the school and provides instructions. The teacher can participate in free training.


The teacher creates their implementation on the Twid platform and invites the students. The program begins.


The JA companies are registered into the system. JA Finland invoices the school after registrations have been completed.


In the JA Company Program, the participating JA companies may have varying operating durations: The options include semesterschool yearcalendar year, and 12-month period. The program is always organized as part of the education provided by the educational establishment, and the JA companies may only operate when they have an instructing teacher. See the program schedules HERE.

Teacher's Materials

The program includes high-quality electronic materials for the teacher and the students. Teachers also receive a monthly newsletter that includes tips and instructions.

A pedagogical handbook based on Innovation Pedagogy has been created for teachers.

The teaching materials for the program can be found on the digital Twid platform. Teaching can be provided as contact instruction or partially as distance learning.

Ready-made teaching materials (PowerPoint presentations)

Ready-made teaching materials (PowerPoint presentations)

Presentations are available on this website after registration.

  • A program from the teacher’s perspective
  • Presentation of the program
  • An Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Competence
  • Schedule & Goals
  • Team
  • Business Idea 1
  • Business Idea 2
  • Name & logo
  • Innovation
  • Starting a JA company
  • Finance
  • Business plan
  • Pitching and presenting
  • Pitch deck

More Powerpoint presentations will be made during the school year and will be made directly available to teachers.

Teacher Trainings

We provide free training for teachers to use the program. The monthly training sessions are provided online. Typically, training takes place in Helsinki, but it can also be organized in other areas where necessary.

Training is available for teachers who use the JA Company Program or who are interested in the program. The duration of each training event is approximately 3–4 hours.

Training can be done in Finnish, English or Swedish.

Training topics:

  • Using the JA Company Program as part of teaching
    • Main components and methods of the JA Company Program
  • Utilizing the JA camps
    • Minicamp and 24h camp
  • Circular economy and entrepreneurship game Circula


How many course credits can be gained from the program?

Completing the program typically means receiving 10 course credits.

What are the requirements for using the program?

The program must be officially approved as part of the studies and the higher education institution must appoint a teacher to be in charge of the program.

In which languages is the program available?

At the moment, the JA Company Program and the related materials are available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

What does the program cost?

The program has a student or university registration fee. 25 euro per student. If the educational institution wants a program license, please contact our higher education expert, Petri.

JA Finland will send an invoice to the educational institution after the registration period has ended.

JA Finland will invoice the institution based on the number of students registered into the system. If a student is registered into the system, they will be subject to the fee. The fee is based on JA Finland acquiring insurance coverage for the program’s participants, among other things.

Who can teach the program? Does the teacher require extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship or business development?

In the program, the teacher’s role is to facilitate learning and act as a coach and mentor. The teacher does not have to be a specialist in the subject. Practically any teacher can implement the program as part of their teaching.

What is a JA Company?

  • The JA companies are not considered actual businesses, and thus do not have business IDs.
  • The JA companies are not registered with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH).
  • The operation of the JA company is not considered economic activity.
  • If the JA company sells products or services during the program, the generated income is considered personal income for the students.

The JA Company operates using real money. How are the JA companies taxed?

  • The JA companies are not taxable for VAT purposes if their turnover remains below 10,000 euros.
  • The JA company in itself does not pay taxes, and instead the revenue generated by the company is divided amongst the members of the company as the operation is wound down.
    • The divided revenue constitutes taxable income for the members, which must be reported on the personal tax return under other income.

JA Finland has acquired instructions for the JA companies from the Finnish Tax Administration. The Finnish Tax Administrations instructions regarding the taxation and operation of the JA companies can be found here (in Finnish).


Leave us your contact information and we’ll tell you more about the JA Company Program and how to implement it.

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