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The JA Company Program combines theory and practice for the purpose of learning entrepreneurial skillscompetencies and attitude. The program provides teachers a turnkey solution for entrepreneurship education. The teacher’s role is to act as a facilitator for learning and to enable the participants’ experiences. The teacher does not have to be a specialist in business economics or entrepreneurship.

The JA Company Program is available to upper comprehensive schools, secondary education establishments, and higher education institutions. The program has no registration fee, but the registration is required. The program does not have an age limit, but the program’s competition might have.

Program and all of its material are available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Within the program, the participants establish, alone or as part of a group, a JA company that operates using real money, which they run for a semester, a school year, a calendar year or a period of 12 months. The teacher is in charge of the practical implementation of the program at the educational institution.

How to get started

This is the official website of the program. You can find all the material and the learning content of the program  (modules) here.

  1. Teacher registers to this program website
    1. After the registration, the teacher gets access to program material (guide & 16 Powerpoints in Finnish, Swedish and English)
    2. The website also has the national JA teacher network visible as well as the register of JA companies.
  2. The teacher creates an account to learning environment
    1. The teacher sets up a personal course account in the environment and then gives the course code to students.
  3. Students create personal accounts and join the course with the course code.
    1. The students go through the content and complete individual and company-specific assignments, which the teacher can see and comment on if they wish.
  4. Once the business idea is ready, JA Companies registers at
    1. We will process registrations within a few working days and, after registration has been approved, business activities can begin. Students will obtain a registration certificate via the website.
  5. Near the end of the program, the teacher can order program certificates for students either digitally or as printed versions sent to the school. You can place the order after logging in on this website.

Download the presentation slides of the program HERE

Download the implementation slides of the program HERE

See Ja Company and the teachers’ material HERE

JA Finland provides the teacher with teaching materials, an online learning environment that contains teaching modules related to business skills, free training events, and a nationwide entrepreneurship education network. The program is used annually by more than 170 educational establishments throughout Finland.

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