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1. Controller Nuori Yrittäjyys ry, Kyllikinportti 2, 00240 Helsinki, tel: 044 7287 837, Business ID: 1813465-6
2. Contact person Virpi Utriainen, Kyllikinportti 2, 00240 Helsinki, +35840 701 3038 and
3. Register name The member and alumni register of the JA Company Program organized by JA Finland (Nuori Yrittäjyys ry).
4. Purpose and legal basis for processing The data subjects include:

  • Teachers participating in the program;
  • Learners participating in the program;
  • Teachers and learners who have previously participated in the program (alumni);

Data is collected for the following purposes:

  • Management and maintenance of the data of the teachers and learners who participate in the program and communication with the participants
  • Sharing the data of the learners participating in the program with their teachers.
  • Communication with the teachers and learners who have previously participated in the program
  • Research
  • Invoicing the participants

The processing of data is based on the consent of the data provider and the teachers and learners who participate in the program enter their information into the system personally.

Data is processed within a WordPress system and the data is processed by persons responsible for the program.

The data pertaining to the learners is processed by their teachers. When entering data, the learner specifies the educational institution they belong to and the teachers of said institution can see the data of the students.

5. Data content of the register
  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Work email address (teachers), email address (learners)
  • Gender
  • The educational institution where the learner is studying, or the teacher is teaching
  • The name of the JA company established by the students, description, members of the company, and the addresses of the company’s public online services (such as websites and social media profiles). The name of the JA company, description, and the addresses for public online services are published on the Internet.
  • Consent for publishing the name, educational institution, telephone number, and work email address of a teacher within the contact information section of the website is requested from the teacher. (If consent is provided, the information is published.)
6. Sources of information The subjects themselves enter all information into the systems. Upon request, information may be supplemented or corrected on behalf of the administrator.
7. Recipients of personal data / regular disclosure of data Personal data shall not be regularly disclosed outside of the organization without the consent of the relevant person. Disclosure requests are typically related to media who are interested in publishing an article on the participants of the program, and in these cases consent for disclosing the data is separately requested from the person. Disclosure requests may also include requests regarding contact information made by parties who have recently implemented the program and who wish to exchange experiences. For example, the contact information of teachers who participate in the program may be disclosed to other teachers who are beginning to use the program or who are considering using the program.

The email addresses of learners and teachers are stored in the Surveypal system for a feedback survey related to the program, for learning survey purposes.

The system will send a link to the feedback survey via email. After the survey has been carried out, a national report will be compiled using the data. The report will only present results on the national level. Responses to the survey are made anonymously, unless the respondent wishes to provide their contact information.

The data pertaining to JA companies and teachers is stored into JA Finland’s Salesforce system, where the data is used for statistics and verification of potential alumni.

8. Transfers to a third country Personal information is stored on the program’s website system (WordPress). The system is maintained on servers located in the Netherlands.

In addition, JA company data is stored in a Salesforce system that maintains data within the EU in accordance with GDPR requirements.

9. Storage period of personal data and the criteria for determining the storage period Personal data will be removed from the WordPress system each year, once the school year in question is concluded. Afterward, the information will be stored in the Salesforce system.

The information of the JA companies (name, description, and public online services) will not be deleted. The information of the JA companies is not considered personal data and will be used as examples of implementing the program in the future.

Learners can request the deletion of their data.

10. Registry security Program information is not collected or stored in a manual format.

The electronic data is protected as follows:

  • Access to the data processing system and hardware requires a personal username and password.
  • System security is maintained by the paid security plugins for WordPress (WordFence) and the system is updated when security holes are detected.
  • The system does not contain any sensitive personal information or personal identification number listed in section 11 of the Personal Data Act.
  • In the event of a possible security breach, the JA Finland acts as follows
    • A system report will be retrieved manually containing the email addresses of all people. Creating a report manually takes about 15 minutes, as the corresponding report is not normally used.
    • The list is copied to the email client.
    • Organization writes a letter describing the violation detected and any leaked information.
    • Information holders are requested to take the necessary steps.
    • If necessary, all system passwords can be reset and the user can reset the password to the email address provided.
11. Data subject’s right of access Data subjects can log in to the program’s online system and check their data within the system.

Where necessary, the data subject has the right to verify which information pertaining to them is processed in the personal data register. The request for access must be made in writing, signed, and sent to the person in charge of the register-related matters specified above.

If the information has been deleted after the course, the data subject will be informed of the situation.

12. The data subject’s right to have the data corrected The data subject has the right to request correction of incorrect information in the register. The request for rectification shall identify the error to be corrected and indicate the corrected information. A written request for correction must be sent to the above-mentioned registry contact.

Similarly, the data subject can log in to the system and correct his / her information in the page that opens after logging in.

13. Other rights of the data subject The data subject has the right to request the deletion of his / her personal data, to restrict the processing of his / her personal data or to object to the processing of his / her personal data.

If the data subject requests the removal or opposition to the processing of the personal data, the request will be executed, but the data subject’s access to the course will be terminated, because without the course data the course teachers will not be able to grade or return the course assignments.

The data subject has the right to complain to the competent supervisory authority if the data subject is of the opinion that the JA Finland has not processed the personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. The contact details of the authority are:

Tietosuojavaltuutetun toimisto

PL 800



Vaihde: 029 56 66700


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