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Return of sales report and annual report, and closure of company

Spring is now well advanced, which means that the JA companies started up in the fall are beginning to close down their operations. For some, it is time to draw up an interim (half-way) sales report. This article provides instructions on returning sales reports and closing down your business.

Sales report

At the half-way point, you should consider how sales and marketing have gone so far. For this reason, your company should prepare and return a sales report on its activities. The report is a short, written presentation of how many sales the company has made and what the next steps are in developing the business. Sales reports must be returned electronically to the JA office. The sales report does not have to be a multi-page ‘book’.

In the report, you should review your previous plans and actions taken, and potential problems and new challenges. This is also a good opportunity to fine-tune your plans for the last phase of the company. If your company has already sold products, the report should also include a financial description of items such as product sales volumes, sales in euros (revenue) and expenses.

You can use the template on our website to create a sales report or customize it for your company. If your company has a logo and symbol, use them in the report.

You can download the sales report template HERE.

Annual report

An annual report is a description of your business activities during the program. A good annual report sheds light on your business activities and describes what you learned during the program. The annual report should outline the main activities, what you have learned and experienced, and what you would do better.

The idea is also to tell the story of your company. An annual report is a general report which seamlessly recounts the various phases and experiences of a company. You can use our ready-made template for the annual report, or create your own.

You can download the annual report template HERE and the auditor’s report template HERE.

Instructions for the annual reportn
  • The annual report can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English
  • The recommended length is approximately 10 pages + the covers
    • The front or back cover must include the name of the company, the year of operation, the name of the educational establishment (school), contact information, and the name of the teacher or adviser
    • On the first page, you should write a “summary of your business activities” and include:
      • The name of the company
      • The business concept/idea behind the company
      • A description of the company’s product or service
      • A financial summary of the company (e.g. revenue — also sometimes known as net sales or turnover — and profit in figures)
      • The key issue presented in the annual report (and learned when running the business) is the financial statements, i.e. the income statement and balance sheet (the accounts)
    • The annual report must also be accompanied by an audit report signed by the company’s auditor.
    • The annual report must be signed and dated by the company’s Board of Directors
    • You can also attach the following to the annual report:
      • The CEO’s review of the financial year (the year of business)
      • Brief comments or reviews by the advisor and/or teacher
      • Describe the Board of Directors and organization, shareholdings (ownership of the company), and areas of work and responsibilities
      • Significant events for the company, a brief description of the JA company’s experiences and learning process during the JA year

Although you need to end the JA company’s operations, you can include your thoughts on the future potential of the company and how its operations might be improved. Include pictures of your products and services to liven up the annual report and give the reader an idea of the company’s products.

Uploading files to the system

It’s easy to upload your sales report, annual report and other files in the system. Start by signing into the website using your company ID. The company’s ID was created when registering. After signing in, you will see a button on the top left of the page päivitä NY-yritystietoja (update your JA company information). Click to open a new page. On the new page there is a button palauta myyntiraportti ja/tai vuosikertomus (submit sales report and/or annual report). By pressing this button, the company can update its own profile and the form has its own return boxes for different tasks. Finally, remember to press the PÄIVITÄ (UPDATE) button at the bottom. If you don’t press this button, the files will not remain in the system.

Alternatively, you can return the annual report in the final module of the Twid learning environment. Agree with your teacher about which platform you will use.

Closing down your JA company

The process for closing down a JA company is summarized below. To close down your JA company, sign into your company profile (the ID you created when you registered) at, upload your annual report to the system, and select the “toiminta on päättynyt” (business operation has closed down) section on the company form. Remember to submit the annual report to your teacher as well!


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