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New School Year, New JA Company Program 

The global JA Company Program is turning 100 years this year. In honor of the anniversary, we undertook a major reform of the program this summer, aiming to update it to meet the needs of different levels of education even better. This news article sums up the key reforms of the JA Company Program.

One program, three levels of education

As of fall 2019, the JA Company Program will also be available in higher education. The program will be combined with the NY Start Up Program, and this change gives us learning materials from higher education institutions for secondary and upper secondary levels of education to use. One of the new tools is the teacher’s pedagogical handbook.

Twid learning environment to support learning

During spring, we have compiled a learning package on the Twid platform, aiming to support the development of students’ theoretical competence during the program. The package currently consists of 22 modules, which students may complete independently. Teachers access Twid first to set up their course and then invite students to join in. Each teacher can view the assignments completed by students through a personal administration panel. Read more about Twid and how to start using it here.

All materials are digital

As part of the reform this summer, we have decided to give up printed program materials. The program guide has been converted into digital PowerPoint format and can be read after logging in.

We have prepared PowerPoint presentations for teachers to use as teaching materials. More presentations will be produced during the school year and they will all be available on this website.

Showroom – JA Companies on public display

During summer, we have further developed the Showroom function, and the new version will display all registered JA Companies. Each JA Company will have a profile that briefly describes the business idea of the company and the channels through which it can be reached. The registration of JA Companies has been linked to this, so each JA Company will create a public profile during registration and can update the profile during the program.

Differences between the websites in a nutshell

The website includes

  • Registration of JA Companies, Showroom, and competitions
  • Registration of teachers on the site allows them to monitor the competition and program hand-ins of companies under their supervision.

The Twid learning environment includes

  • 22 learning modules, which strengthen entrepreneurship, financial, and business skills
  • Personal assignments and tests for students to complete
  • The teacher first sets up an account and then invites students to his or her course.

Both websites have their own usernames and passwords, which the teacher creates.

Registration to the website

Each JA Company creates a username that is unique to the company. The JA Company creates a username when it is registered. The username allows the JA Company to access the online materials and enter competitions as well as hand in its sales report and annual report. After its registration has been approved, the JA Company can download the registration certificate directly from its own site.

Due to the new website, teachers must re-register to the system. The usernames for the old site no longer work.

Competitions have one deadline, all competitions have three categories

The online competitions of this year’s JA Company Program are:

  • Best video pitch
  • Best business idea
  • Best graphic image
  • Best internet solution

The deadline for all competitions is 13 March 2020, and each level of education competes in a separate category. All competitions have cash prizes, and winners of best video pitch and best business idea will get to compete in the Uskalla Yrittää final.

New period of operation, 12 months

The Finnish Tax Administration ordered in spring 2019 that in future, the duration of the program will be no more than 18 months and no more than 12 months of actual entrepreneurship will be practiced during the program. This means that a JA Company may be in operation continuously for 12 months as part of education (also including summertime, if it is part of education). Due to this, the system now has a 12-month period of operation alongside the already existing school term, school year, and calendar year.

This also means that planning the program and business operations may begin earlier. The contents in Twid are useful also when preparing to establish a JA Company.

Teacher, remember to order certificates

In line with the principles of sustainable development, we are trying to use less printed materials. As a result, we will not send certificates for completing the program automatically to schools this year. Teachers must order certificates for their students via this website. You can either order a printed certificate to be sent to the school or a digital (PDF) certificate directly to your e-mail address. You can order certificates once you have logged in to the site.

Cooperation with Holvi has ended

In June 2019, the Holvi service announced a change whereby all new users must have a business ID. As a result, JA Companies can no longer use the Holvi service to manage their monetary transactions.

Uskalla Yrittää final on 22–23 April 2020 in Helsinki

The Finnish championship of the JA Company Program, i.e. the Uskalla Yrittää final, will be held in Helsinki on 22–23 April 2020. Regional semi-finals will kick off in January and continue until March. The JA Europe Company of the Year competition (European championship) will be held in July 2020 in Portugal. The European championship for university students (JA Europe Enterprise Challenge) will be held in Greece in summer 2020.

Read more about the final and see the schedule for the semi-finals at:


We will organize training related to the program online, in Helsinki, and across Finland, if needed. The first confirmed training dates are:

  • Online training, Wed. 21 Aug. 2019, 2.00–4.00 pm
  • Live training, Thu. 29 Aug. 2019, 12.30–4.00 pm @ Helsinki
  • Live training, Tue. 24 Sep. 2019, 12.30–4.00 pm @ Helsinki

You can register for the training sessions at:

Apply for Ready4Bisnes funding for an entrepreneurial event

JA Finland is participating in the Ready4Bisnes project, which encourages young people to engage in entrepreneurship, helps them on the path of entrepreneurship and opens doors to working life. It is possible to apply for funding via the project to organize an entrepreneurial event at school. Find out more and apply for funding here.

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